Welcome to RIPABUIA!

Marcialla is magnificently located half way between Firenze and Siena. It is also close to S. Gimignano, Certaldo and Volterra. Anna, Giovanni and her daughters, who are all keen on agriculture, have opened their home to those people eager to experience a different holiday in the heart of Tuscany.

Apart from being surrounded by an artistic and cultural territory, guests will also be able to enjoy our wine and olive oil.

The Anichini have been living in the farmhouse for innumerable years. The Torre, one of its most elegant apartments nowadays, is a remarkable evidence of urban architecture in 1200. This architecture was characterized by the so-called tower-houses which were more similar to fortresses than private homes. Without removing the required comforts, we have tried to enhance everything that reminds us of past life, including thick walls and old arches.

In the fabulous landscape that surrounds Ripa Buia with medieval little towns and the untouched fascination of countryside, visitors will observe how life in the countryside flows. Moreover, they will experience a different rhythm of life as soon as they walk along the resort and chat with those who work there. The holiday farmhouse is entirely run by the family who creates a warm and welcoming home environment.



Since 18th century

Ripa Buia dates back to the 18th century but its most ancient part, the Torre, was built in the Middle Ages.